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Press Release

Tokyo 11/04/2011

DHL Supply Chain and EcoBiz jointly develop eco-friendly and reusable packing material “2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt”

DHL Article
“2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt”, a reusable packaging material developed by DHL Supply Chain and EcoBiz, which is scheduled to be introduced to transport of Fujitsu products.
  • The very first packing material for over two meter tall freight transport in Japan
  • Start utilizing this material for Fujitsu’s laptop PC transport
DHL, the world’s leading logistics company developed eco-friendly and reusable packing material, “2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt”, for tall freight transport of precision equipments such as laptop PCs, together with EcoBiz. It is scheduled to be introduced from November for our customer, Fujitsu’s freight transport, and this is the first introduction of such material in Japan. With this new launch, DHL’s lineup of package design solution has now more options to choose from.

“2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt” was jointly developed by DHL and EcoBiz Co., Ltd., which develops environmentally friendly package materials. This material was developed with the purpose of creating a packaging material which reduces environmental burden from transport. When delivering products from Fujitsu’s warehouse to domestic distribution terminals, we are encouraged to palletize the products more than 2 meters high, primarily to increase the loading utilization and to reduce environmental burden. Also, one of the issues we have faced was the stretch film, which was used to avoid cartons from falling out of the pallet during transport and had to be disposed as industrial waste after using once. As an alternative solution to conventional stretch film, we developed and will introduce “2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt” which is durable enough to use repeatedly and can use for tall freight. By introducing this material, we can drastically reduce CO2 emissions by approximately seven tons per annum and will further enhance our 3R (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) effects in transport.

“2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt“ has various characteristics to safely transport tall freight with 2 meter height. For example, high density EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) sheets are installed to the four edges of the sheet, primarily to protect the freight by reducing stress between the sheet and palletized cartons. Also, with the rubber fastening belts, any worker with different grip strength can easily wrap the freight around by oneself. Furthermore, this sheet can be vertically folded into two in the center, and can be rolled up like a roll of cloth, thus contributing to quick and efficient operation. DHL and EcoBiz has jointly applied for the patent of “2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt.”

Upon introduction of “2 meter version of GreenEcoBelt,” Shuichi Kawamura, President of DHL Supply Chain, mentions, “In order to lighten our customers’ burden on the environment, DHL provides wide variety of value-added services in addition to our main business; warehouse management and transportation. I am pleased to finally introduce GreenEcoBelt which surely contributes to our customer’s CO2 emission reductions. As a partner who supports customers’ business development, DHL will expand and enhance our service lineup.”

DHL Supply Chain continuously strives to improve our logistics services including transportation and management of products, in addition to the establishment of wider variety of value added services including package designing.