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Special Import Customs Clearance

Customers are asked to bear some of the cost of paperwork and operations outside of regular customs clearance. The services marked with * are not offered in Japan as a general rule, with the sole exception of cases where DHL specially accepts the offering of these services.

Shipments Regulated by the Food Sanitation Law

For shipments requiring submission of a notification on the import of food, etc. or implementation of food safety tests by taking out samples prior to such pursuant to the provisions of the Food Sanitation Law, customers are asked to inform Customer Service of the Waybill number by 5 p.m. on the day before the arrival of the shipment so that DHL’s customs department can ensure that preparations of food documents, arrangement of date for sample take-out attendance and other preparations are made.
  • ATA Carnet*
    Customs clearance using a Carnet passport for duty-free temporary importing and re-exporting of goods for exhibitions and fairs, commercial samples, professional musician’s instruments, etc. The paperwork costs will be invoiced in a lump sum at the time the import shipment is delivered to Japan. Payments may be made in cash or credit card only.

    7,800 yen

    *The same amount will be billed even if DHL’s service is not used at the time of re-export from Japan.

  • Shipments Under the Jurisdiction of Other Laws (shipments regulated by food sanitation laws)

    In the import of shipments that require import licenses in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law, customers will be billed for part of the cost of operations (obtaining food import licenses, etc.).

    For details concerning applicable items and required procedures, please confirm with your nearest customs office / quarantine station or visit the website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.External Link

    12,000 yen per Waybill

    (However, in the case of multiple applications per Waybill, 12,000 yen will be billed per application.)

  • When multiple shipments are included on one Waybill and these are regulated by separate laws and regulations, costs will apply for each of the laws and regulations.
  • When customers conduct the procedures for making an application with the supervising ministry/agency themselves, no handling fees will be billed.
  • DHL does not obtain licenses on behalf of customers for shipments regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

  • Bonded Delivery*
    In cases where shipments are delivered to bonded facilities outside of airports at the customer’s request, the customer will be billed the actual cost and fee for entrusting shipments to a domestic carrier. The fee consists of 5,100 yen (bonded transportation charge: consumption tax free), plus 900 yen (cost of making arrangements for trucks and attending shipment loading: Includes consumption tax of 43yen).

    Actual cost + 6,000 yen fee

    Questions? Contact Customer Service

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